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Activități extra-curriculare

Starting with middle group, the children can participate in two of the clubs organized in the afternoon. Every club is held twice a week (Monday and Wednesday / Tuesday and Thursday).

The clubs are the following:

  1. The Ballet Club is held by the ballet teacher Svetlana Zotina in the kindergarten’s ballet room and many elements of classical ballet are proposed. The dances taught are presented on stage in the shows. Every year, open lessons with parent participation are held.
  2. The Sports Club and the Basketball Club are held by the sports teacher Liviu Popa in the school yard or in the school gym. The exercises help develop a harmonious body.
  3. The Eco-Art Club, held by the art teacher Lucia Lobont, includes activities such as glass painting, mask making, and modeling. The children work with different materials, study their properties, and learn techniques of artistic expression. The teacher emphasizes the development of the kids’ artistic abilities. All the things they produce are displayed in the kindergarten’s halls.
  4. The Choir Club is held by the music teacher Rodica Doija and elementary canto notions are taught. Children have piano or violin accompaniment. From the second semester, the children in the middle group can also participate, after a trial period.