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De ce Complexul Educațional Laude-Reut?


"Each child brings his own blessing into the world.” (Jewish folk saying)

ronald lauder

“Our mission would be education - to learn from the past, understand the present and prepare for tomorrow.

I believed that even more so now the education is our greatest opportunity for the future and our greatest gift for our children. At the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation, we call children the future (...) where the destruction of the Holocaust was followed by the oppression of communist rule (…), providing a Jewish education is our primary goal. For we know that if you bring Jewish life to children, they will bring it home to their parents-the lost generation that was deprived of their heritage.”

Ronald S. Lauder, Founder and President, USA, Europe & Israel




“[...] back in 1997, I undertook with pride and honor the Lauder mission, to revive the Jewish education here in Romania. I have started right in the place where the former Jewish school was, in the old Jewish quarter in Bucharest, died out for over 50 years of Nazism and communism.

My lifetime work and project is to ensure our little and young the best possible education, the best possible conditions, in the most professional, yet tolerant, affectionate, multicultural environment, so that they would grow up in a solid discipline of study, strengthened by self-confidence and pride to be a Laude-Reut student.”

Tova Ben Nun-Cherbis, Chair & Founder, Romania





1. Strive for excellence

- We believe in the accomplishing of the highest academic, cultural and social standards; our mentality is one of rigor, high standards, teamwork. We are proud of our students' academic results, who distinguish themselves, year by year, in school and extracurricular competitions and activities;

2. Multicultural education

- We offer a multicultural, multinational, tolerant and non-discriminatory learning environment;

3. Individual valuing and development

- Our task is to reveal and develop the potential of each student to the maximum;

4. Opportunities for everyone

- We bind ourselves to value every student and to guide him/her irrespective of nationality, cultural or the religious environment from which he/she comes;

5. Involvement in community

- Our students must have an active role in the community life, either in Romania or abroad, to develop responsibility, compassion, friendship and altruism;

6. Creative partnerships

- All our students must be prepared for entry to national and international universities, through our direct partnerships with European (UK), US, Israel universities, as well as through a scholarship system via the foreign universities.